8th Branch Of Supermarket Means 8th Delivery Of The Most Reliable Milk ATM in Kenya

Every day on our social media pages, we share the success deliveries made on milk atm vending machines by Tassmatt, this is to help create buyer awareness on TASSMATT brand in the Kenyan market.

When we started the journey of milk ATM, we had in mind the dairy industry in Kenya, milk business in Kenya and how we would help create a business model that would be a win from the dairy farmer to a consumer on highly populated urban centers.

Today, the journey of milk business has been a smooth one to those who took advantage and have expanded through the years as the cost of living keeps going up. This is not to justify that its late, infact the best time to start is now.

Buyers have been purchasing the milk atms as an add-on on their existing businesses like shops, supermarkets and also as startups.

Supermarket and Tassmatt Milk ATM in Kenya

Today we highlight a successful chain of supermarket that has been growing steadily, thank to milk atms by Tassmatt.

The owner Mr. T as we call him had this to say to our editor “It’s been a long journey, 5 years to be precise working with Tassmatt as the supplier of my Milk atm machines, cooking oil atm machine and also the water purification system that i use on the water dispensing unit that is right at the corner of the building

What i appreciate most is the ease of functionality, i can be able to tell what capacity in litres that have been dispensed at a particular time, thank to the reporting and password protected system on this milk atms, power consumption is also low, refrigeration unit on this milk atms works as expected, keep the milk cool, another thing i like is the fact that Tassmatt assist us to acquire the needed permits like KEBS and KRA without much hustle”

How to contact Tassmatt Milk ATM Sellers in Kenya

We are always open to receive a call via 0726-410068, you can also find us on facebook, google business and twitter.

Consider Tassmatt Milk ATM for your next milk atm project!! Indeed this answers the question on where to buy the best milk atm machine in Kenya

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