7 Milk ATM Machines To A Single Happy Investor In Bondo – 0726410068

After a months of research and business planning, the dairy farmers from Bondo, Western Kenya came up with a strategy to maximise profits by widening its milk value chain.

Today, they have acquired seven of the top best milk ATM vending machines from Tassmatt Agencies Limited, who are accredited sellers by the Kenya Dairy Board. They can now sell milk to consumers directly, this was after acquisition of milk pasteurizer earlier. It’s a requirement of KDB – who are the industry regulators – for milk ATM businesses to dispense pasteurized milk.

The Automated milk vending machine allows a customer to purchase milk of any quantity depending on the amount of money they have, doing away with the need to package a fixed quantity of the milk with a static amount of money, just by the touch of a button.

The milk ATMs also does away with the interference of middlemen from the infringing the daily value of the milk.
For the part of a seller, their role is to ensure that the machine has got always a sufficient level of the milk stock.

This Milk ATMs have got a feature that enables one to record their daily sales from the machine. This reprieves a business owner from the conventional sales recording and helps you get the most accurate data from all your sales recordings.

Even when the owner is away from their business premises, they can still be sure of getting well recorded sales. One thing about this feature, it is accumulative, meaning, the owner can keep on recording the sales over a longer period of time. Also, when you feel that those records are enough, they can be reset and a new record is start all over again.

With the password protection feature coming in handy, the owner can have total control over their records as no one else apart from you can have access to controls over it.

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