Understanding The Business Of Milk Chilling Machines In Kenya

A cooler is a scientifically designed mechanized machine wherein the power of outside air and water get utilized and this arrangement helps to maintain the target temperature at a constant level. As a result, the new-age machine is tailor-made to cool or heat substances, like milk, water, beverages, chemicals, etc. The machine serves a dual purpose, ideal for both cooling and heating.

This product is suitable for several industries, including dairy, food processing, and beverages.

As in this website, our focus is bulk milk cooler, let’s now shift our focus to the core subject.

The bulk milk chiller is a modular milk chilling system with the efficiency to cool milk from 35-degree C to 4-degree C. Its capacity may vary from one bulk milk chiller sellers in Kenya to another. Depending on the capacity of your dairy unit, you can choose the quantity of milk in the tank.

In case of special requirements, you are empowered to choose the capacity of the tank while placing special orders to manufacturers. There are a few leading Bulk milk cooler manufacturers who hold professional experience and expertise to manufacture tanks according to your dairy unit’s requirements.

How does the bulk milk cooler work in Kenya?

The machine is designed to remove heat from pasteurization and allows milk to cool down to an appropriate temperature. How does it impact? The cool temperature inside the chiller prevents the germination of bacteria and other microorganisms in milk, as a result, milk is protected from getting deteriorated.

This way shelf life of milk gets extended. With this exclusive system, dairy units have ample time to transport the product to different parts of the city and out of the city.

Chilling is a must as expressed in this section, as soon as the milk is received at the chilling centers. Otherwise, it will deteriorate owing to the germination of microbes.

Chilling has been considered as the most effective method to prevent the deterioration of milk, at the same time, this scientific process doesn’t affect the properties and nutritive value of milk. What an amazing blessing for all of us

Uses of the machine

  • Large dairy plants
  • Small & medium dairy units
  • Village cooperatives
  • Food processing industry


Quantity of milk in the tank

The milk chillers are available in different capacities at Tassmatt Agencies Limited shops 0726-410068. Choose the tank that meets your dairy units requirements.

Here are few standard quantities of milk in the tank:

  • 100 L
  • 500 L
  • 1000 L
  • 1200 L
  • 1500 L


Customization solution is also available with a few famous Bulk milk cooler manufacturers.

Benefits of BMC

A few benefits have already been shared in this blog. We would like to add on to them further. This machine is increasing the earnings of farmers in the dairy business, rearing cattle, milk collection, etc. This in turn raises their socio-economic standard. Sounds great! That’s the impact of the machine.