Milk Coolers In Kenya, Things To Note And Where To Buy

Refrigeration is the single most important factor in maintaining the safety of milk. Milk Coolers are engineered to hold milk at temperatures below 40 degrees F which is ideal to protect milk’s quality. The cooler refrigerated milk is kept, the longer it lasts and the safer it will remain. As milk is allowed to warm, bacterial grow more rapidly and quality and safety are diminished. Properly refrigerated at temperatures below 40 degrees F, milk can be safely stored for about two weeks. Investing in a quality milk cooler is an investment in reliability and safety for employees and customers.

Once you’ve decided to purchase a milk cooler in Kenya, you need to choose your milk cooler – so what should you look for? Contact Tassmatt Agency Limited via +254 726410068 Here’s a short list that can help you narrow down your options to make the best decision for your milk cooling operation.

Size Of Milk Coolers

When sizing a milk cooler, you will typically base your needs by the capacity of milk that you need to store within the cooler at any given time. You should also look at the height and weight of the unit you are considering ensuring it will fit in the space you have allocated.

We do have different sizes of the milk cooling chillers tank ranging from

200Ltrs, as well as,

300Ltrs, as well as,

500Ltrs, as well as,

800Ltrs, as well as,


Materials & Construction Of Milk Coolers

The most popular material choice is stainless steel because it is highly durable and resists corrosion. It is also common to have the interior of a unit is stainless steel which is why they are corrosion resistance. The exterior construction of the Tassmatt Milk Coolers is stainless steel. You’ll want to be sure that the unit you select has a stainless steel interior.

Cleanout Drains

Milk coolers should be equipped with clean out drains. In some cases, you can locate the outlets of the drains over the floor drains or over a bucket to clean out any liquid waste and dispose of it appropriately. These drains are very handy when cleaning the unit as you can clean and rinse over the drain.

Digital Thermometers

Because milk coolers are all about keeping milk at the food safe temperature of below 40 degrees F, having a digital easy to read exterior thermometer is really a necessity rather than a nicety. Look for a unit that has a digital display on the outside of your box so it’s easy to keep track of. This are some of the quality that comes with Milk Coolers From Tassmatt. 


At Tassmat we ensure that we are honest, truthful and transparent in all our dealings with the client.

Thus we disclose all important information on Product, Price, Quality, Warranty, Durability and finally Options. Therefore you make your purchase well informed because our relationship exceeds beyond quality service to a loyal, satisfied Client.

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