Essentials To A Successful Milk Vending ATM Business In Kenya

Milk vending machines are ideal for commercial use as a side business, or even a full time one depending on the circumstances. It is a highly profitable business to start in Kenya.

Before starting this kind of business, make sure that you have a good location with enough traffic.

Since milk buyers typically also purchase other products such as sugar, bread, and eggs, a location in or near a shopping center would be ideal to set up the milk ATM.

One way to go about this is to prepare a proposal and present it to a supermarket or a busy shop requesting to place your machine by their entrance.

Alternatively, you can rent your own shop in a suitable area with a good amount of activity.

The room you decide to set up in should be clean and organized. Furthermore, it should have clean running water, adequate ventilation and proper lighting.

Additionally, it is essential to have a dependable supply of quality milk to successfully run this dairy business. You may have to contact multiple dairy farmers to find one who can supply you with quality milk at a good price.

According to the Kenya Dairy Board (KDB), milk dispensed using these machines should be pasteurized before being sold. It is therefore important to either get pasteurized milk or pasteurize your milk before selling it to consumers.

Visit to apply for a license, and to access information that may prove to be fundamental to the success of your milk dispensing business.

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