A milk ATM Vending machine dispatch to Kericho town

We promised to document on milk ATM machine distributions to our customers within and outside Kenya, today we had a pleasure to install and commission a milk vending ATM at one of our repeat customers shop in Kericho.

This shows how the demand and reliability of Tassmatt Agencies Limited ATM Machines. The customer, Bregeds Solution is now set to maximise its income from the newly installed machine.

“Tassmatt has been there for us, especially when i needed the KEBS and KRA permits from the first machine, they were of really help as they were able to assist on the flow process from the beginning to end” Said Mr Lagat to Farmers Trend Journalist

Our Milk ATM dispensers are convenient for vending milk in shop or a supermarket. We manufacture the dispensers of different carrying capacity as per the customer’s needs and preference. Tassmatt Milk ATM manufacturer in Kenya,

We also do branding of the dispensers as per the client’s descriptions where needed.

Functionality of our milk ATM dispensers :

  • Record total daily sales.
  • Take volume of the milk  that is fed into the dispenser and the remaining volume after sales.
  • Track sales via short message
  • Have self cleaning menu
  • Have user protection security (enhanced security via user password).

The milk dispenser, commonly called milk ATM is the main machine required for business promise good profit.  Milk ATM  come in varying sizes and designs– portable and wall – such as 150, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 200 and even 1,000 litres. As a result, they are refrigerated to preserve milk and can dispense any denomination of milk in 100ml units.

Milk Machine (ATM) essentially allows a consumer to buy milk for any amount of money they have eliminating the need for packaging  and knocks off  middlemen from the daily value . This has the end result of making the product more affordable and also create good profit to the owner.

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