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Why queues at milk ATM dispensers are growing in Kenya

Sale of milk across the country has gone high-tech with the introduction of vending machines in urban centres that dispense milk just like money from an Automated Teller Machine.

Many supermarkets and outlets have acquired the equipment, which has seen consumers slowly drift away from purchasing packaged milk.

This has come as a relief for thousands of milk vendors who have, for years, been exploited by middlemen as they can now sell the produce directly to those who own vending machines.

At the same time, the fact that packaging cost is not factored, allows consumers to purchase the product at a cheaper price.

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The equipment allows users to purchase milk by depositing money — in coin form — and in turn receive varied milk quantities directly from the dispenser.

Moses Mwangi an attendant at Tuskys Supermarket in Nairobi, says most customers prefer to buy milk directly from the dispenser.

The supermarket, he says, sells up to 1,500 litres of milk per day. The product is purchased directly from contracted farmers.

Most outlets sell a litre of the milk at Sh65 compared to Sh100 for packaged milk. “Apart from the fact that it’s cheaper, consumers like the product because it is sourced directly from farmers,”  Mwangi says. The Sh7 million machine holds up to 2,000 litres of milk.

For large outlets like supermarkets, consumers are required to pay at the counter before the attendant dispenses the required quantity of milk. One can either buy a new container or use their own container to carry the product.

Hilda Githaiga, who has been purchasing milk from the ATM says besides being cheap, it is always fresh.

“I buy in large quantities and keep in my fridge for about a week. Purchasing directly from the dispenser is cheaper and you can always be sure of quality. I can’t remember the last time I bought packaged milk,”  Githaiga says.

Margaret Oyando says: “I love the fact that I can drink the milk without having to boil it.”

An attendant at the Naivas Supermarket, Mountain Mall branch in Nairobi, Paul Mtunya, says their machine holds about 1,000 litres.

He points out that the introduction of the dispenser has since posed competition to other processors who supply packaged milk.

“More people prefer buying milk directly from the dispenser because it is cheaper and you get value for money,” he said.

Nakumatt Supermarket has not been left out and most branches have installed the dispenser as well.

Returns on milk atm vending machine are enormous

“We cannot miss milk in this milk atm machine on a daily basis. We have been watching the market over a long time, and we now understand what they need. We will be moving to other branches very soon,” says Alfred Wesonga, an attendant.

Naivas Supermarkets sell a litre of milk at Sh65 while half a litre retails at Sh33. The same product at Uchumi and Nakumatt supermarkets costs Sh60.

Charles Boit, a businessman based in Eldoret, launched the initiative a year ago and says the returns are enormous. He reveals that he sells at least 1,000 litres of milk everyday and the demand has been growing. Boit sells a litre of milk at Sh60, which means on a daily basis, he earns Sh60,000 translating to Sh1.8 million monthly.

Ordinarily, milk is pumped directly from the farm to the coolers where it is pasteurised before being stored in the dispenser. Boit plans to set up another milk dispenser within the town and buy milk from farmers in the region.

“Our goal is to eliminate hawkers who frustrate consumers by selling low quality milk at high prices. We want to reach consumers at the comfort of their homes,” Boit said.

He says, “I was inspired to start the project because customers are looking for pasteurised fresh whole milk at a reasonable price since milk has, over the years, become very expensive.”

The fact that the machines have inbuilt boiling and pasteurisation compartments automatically meets the safety requirements of Kenya Dairy Board (KDB) – the sole regulator in the country.

Last year, KDB banned milk hawking as a quality and safety measure as well as to protect investors who own processing plants and have spent money on distribution systems.

However, there are still a number of milk hawkers upcountry who continue to exploit consumers.

The price of milk has been on the rise, a factor that has been attributed to increasing demand and changing weather patterns that influence production.

A milk ATM Vending machine dispatch to Kericho town

We promised to document on milk ATM machine distributions to our customers within and outside Kenya, today we had a pleasure to install and commission a milk vending ATM at one of our repeat customers shop in Kericho.

This shows how the demand and reliability of Tassmatt Agencies Limited ATM Machines. The customer, Bregeds Solution is now set to maximise its income from the newly installed machine.

“Tassmatt has been there for us, especially when i needed the KEBS and KRA permits from the first machine, they were of really help as they were able to assist on the flow process from the beginning to end” Said Mr Lagat to Farmers Trend Journalist

Our Milk ATM dispensers are convenient for vending milk in shop or a supermarket. We manufacture the dispensers of different carrying capacity as per the customer’s needs and preference. Tassmatt Milk ATM manufacturer in Kenya,

We also do branding of the dispensers as per the client’s descriptions where needed.

Functionality of our milk ATM dispensers :

  • Record total daily sales.
  • Take volume of the milk  that is fed into the dispenser and the remaining volume after sales.
  • Track sales via short message
  • Have self cleaning menu
  • Have user protection security (enhanced security via user password).

The milk dispenser, commonly called milk ATM is the main machine required for business promise good profit.  Milk ATM  come in varying sizes and designs– portable and wall – such as 150, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 200 and even 1,000 litres. As a result, they are refrigerated to preserve milk and can dispense any denomination of milk in 100ml units.

Milk Machine (ATM) essentially allows a consumer to buy milk for any amount of money they have eliminating the need for packaging  and knocks off  middlemen from the daily value . This has the end result of making the product more affordable and also create good profit to the owner.

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Happy free delivery and Installation of milk ATM to another Nairobi Customer

Nairobi customer today has a new type of milk atm vending machine – these ones distribute milk, so much so James, a shop owner, has stoped selling package milk and has switched to selling milk from a vending machine bought at Tassmatt Agencies Limited.

Shopkeepers prefer them because they are easy to use, maintain and uses low power.

The emergence of Milk ATMs in Kenya is also helping farmers improve their profits.The milk is delivered to the milk ATMs where the retailers sell the milk to buyers.

When a customer arrives at the shop, the owner just keys in the amount that the buyer wants and the ATM automatically dispenses the milk.

“The advantages of this Milk ATM machine is; one it is easy to maintain and it is very fast to serve customers and thirdly when you store milk behind it, it is ever (always) fresh so that the customer can drink directly. It comes from the farm and if it is the amount you can measure from as low as 10 shillings.” explained James.

People prefer products from the Milk ATM machine simply because they are cheaper. Sophia Ali who has been using Tassmatt Milk Atm, has been using milk from these machines for over two years.

“The milk from the ATM is very reliable because one litre of milk from the ATM is Ksh 60($0.60) compared with milk from the shop which is Ksh 55 which is 500ml which per litre is Ksh120 so it is more cheaper and when you cook tea with this milk from the ATM is actually the best because it has no preservatives it has no additives, it has nothing even it is not diluted. So you can make even more tea with that one litre of milk which is Ksh 60 compared with the milk from the shop which is Ksh120.”

The milk ATMs could pose a health risk, since the hygienic conditions of the containers in which it is collected, transported and sold don’t necessarily meet the standards laid out by the Kenya Dairy Board act.

Despite the convenience provided by the ATMs for farmers, shopkeepers and customers, food safety needs to be observed, cautions Martin Njagi, quality assurance officer, Limuru Dairy farmers cooperative society:

“Now, you find that many of the farmers, especially here in Kenya, they have not yet adopted the food-grade materials so they end up using the plastic handling containers that are not hygienic at all and you cannot be able to guarantee their hygiene because one thing you cannot be able to clean them sufficiently, using even hot water and even other detergents.”

Automated Vending Machines are popping up all over Kenya.The ATMs sell a variety of products from milk to cooking oil to water.

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Expanding Opportunity Through Purchase Of Milk Vending ATM In Nairobi

Milk ATMs popularity in Nairobi is increasing every day, with demand for quality service at an affordable rate of milk purchase, consumers have given a positive feedback.

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We assisted him on obtaining the best machine, application of KRA Licenses, Kebs and sourcing of milk, apart from that, we installed and trained the staff on how to operate.

This milk atm machines by Tassmatt Agencies Limited have inbuilt milk coolers and are self cleaning with less power consumption.

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